Madelaine’s cabinet of curiosities contained a collection of wonders to both delight and horrify. One day, a mysterious item in her cabinet captures her attention. A darkly-tinged fantasy that explores the erotic-grotesque.

Directed, animated, and edited by Jennifer Linton
Musical score by Zev Farber

Wunderkammer is a 2D stop-motion animated film shot under camera using unarmatured, replacement paper cutouts. This traditional animation medium involves hundreds of individual drawings that are drawn on paper, scanned, printed, hand-coloured and cutout. These cutouts are swapped in frame-to-frame to create smooth, complex movements not possible with articulated paper puppets. The resulting film has all the hand-drawn charm and personality of traditional cel animation, plus the lovely textures and materiality of stop-motion.

Many thanks to the kind generosity of my Indiegogo contributors!

Copyright ©2018 Papercut Pictures. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Wunderkammer

  1. Dear Lady Lazarus:
    I like very much your work and I wonder If you are intersted in exhibit your short “Wunderkammer” in the Las Palmas International Film Festival, an spanish film festival where I work programming one night of fantasy, horror and thriller films wich usually includes three short movies. If you think there is possible to show your short on this night, please write me to my personal email: jess_palacios@yahoo.es
    Sorry for my english and I hope to know something about assap.
    Best wishes.

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