Postmodern Fables (2000-01)


Postmodern Fables essentially stems from my interest in comics and the graphic arts. The series that preceeded this one, The Bitter Seed, made use of thick black outlines and large, flat areas of colour reminiscent of stained glass. This “stained glass look” carried over into this series, but with an important difference: the black outlines in this series reference the key lines found in comics, rather than the leading of stained glass. At least, that was the thought behind it.

After the emotionally-wrought Bitter Seed series, I felt the need to create more light-hearted work. What could be more light-hearted than animals, I reasoned. This work conjured imagery often found in comics, graffiti, marketing & advertising and Anime, as well as in Pop Artists such as Roy Lichtenstein. Ironically, about half way into this series my course swerved significantly, and I began to create animal imagery addressing the plight of laboratory animals. So much for light-hearted.