—Domestikia, Chapter 3: La Petite Mort

A tale of love, betrayal and one vengeful butterfly. This project was inspired by the surreal animations of Lenica, Borowyck and Svankmajer, Japanese tentacle erotica, and those strange, middle-of-the-night dreams one has after spicy food.

Story, artwork and articulated paper puppets created by Jennifer Linton.
Stop-motion animation by Carla Veldman.
Original musical score by Zev Farber.
Directed & edited by Jennifer Linton.

This animation was made possible by the financial support of the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council. Copyright ©2013 Papercut Pictures (Jennifer Linton). All rights reserved.

(Above) Production stills from Domestikia, Chapter 3: La Petite Mort (2013).

Festival Screenings

Official Selection at the UnderGround Film Festival 2015, Cork, Ireland.
Official Selection at the Montreal Underground Film Festival 2015 (Nominated for the 2015 Jury Prize/Nomination pour un prix du jury MUFF 2015).
Official Selection at the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival 2015.
17 Days video art installation, Western Michigan University (Michigan, USA) 2014
Official Selection at the Video Art & Experimental Film Festival 2014 (NYC).
Official Selection at the Female Eye Film Festival 2014, Toronto (Nominated for Best Animation award).
Official Selection at the Boston Underground Film Festival 2014.


Domestikia: The Incident in the Nursery

The Nanny dutifully rocks a bird-headed infant to sleep whilst its older siblings play on the floor of the nursery. And then, suddenly and unexpectedly, a butterfly happens.

Domestikia: The Incident in the Nursery uses paper cutouts and articulated paper puppets in a stop-motion animation to explore the strange, dreamlike and uncanny realm of the Domestic Gothic. With a healthy dose of black humour, it tackles the anxieties and challenges experienced by parents of young children.

Artwork, animation and directing/editing by Jennifer Linton © 2012.

Festival Screenings

Screened in a program curated by Lynn Dana Wilton, Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, USA, 2015.

Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS) Showcase 2013, May 11, 2013, Toronto, Ontario. 

King Street Alternative Film & Video Festival, February 8-9, 2013, Toronto, Ontario. 

International Short Film program Animaldiçoados (Animacursed) 2012 Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. August 2012.

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