Work-in-progress shots of my latest paper cutout animation project, entitled Wunderkammer.* Coming in late 2017/early 2018.

SYNOPSIS: Madelaine’s cabinet of curiosities contained many wonders: some strange, some frightening, while others defied description.*

Pencil sketches of the items found within the wunderkammer. Some of these will “come alive” and animate as we peer into the cabinet.

*A wunderkammer, also known as a “cabinet of curiosities” in English, is a place in which a collection of curiosities and rarities is exhibited. These were proto-museums, and were often found in the homes of wealthy, educated individuals who wished to demonstrate to their peers an interest and knowledge of science, etc. Wet specimens (like the octopus in the jar) and shrunken heads (called tsantsa) were popular set pieces in such cabinets.