Erotic Advent Calendar

Delighted to take part in Fennek Film’s Erotic Advent Calendar.

One erotic GIF a day from December 1st to December 25th. My contribution starts the month off with a bit of tentacle action.

Saucy fun. As NSFW as you’d expect.

3 thoughts on “Erotic Advent Calendar

    • Hi Tiffany,

      The link in the post above is to a Tumblr site maintained by Fennek Film, which is a Swedish erotic arts organization. They had recently screened one of my last animated films, and had asked me to submit an animated GIF to this Erotic Advent Calendar project. My contribution appears on December 1st, and is a paper cutout animation of a woman having her breasts fondled by an octopus. The rest of the content on this Tumblr site was produced by other filmmakers. I’m not certain which image you found offensive or abusive, but I looked just now and didn’t see anything that I would identify as such. Some of the sexual practices depicted are definitely outside of the mainstream, but none of it abusive to the best of my knowledge.

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