Backyard: a fearonrevell project

I have created a site-specific sculpture for the upcoming group exhibition Backyard, curated by Elizabeth Fearon. The concept for the show is simple and clever: site-specific work in the backyard of her own home. There’s an impressive roster of participants, so it promises to be a good show. Here’s all the details:

My site-specific installation for the group exhibition “Backyard.” Jennifer Linton, “Lawn Shadows”, 2012, wood, paint, copper pipe, electrical tape.

Backyard: a fearonrevell project

Site-specific installations will be created for our backyard by:

Myfanwy Ashmore
Mark Connery
Marie de Sousa
Elizabeth Fearon
Michelle Johnson
Jennifer Linton
Tanya Read
Fiona Smyth
Julie Voyce
Natalie Majaba Waldburger

The show will run from the 4th of Aug. (Opening reception: 2-6pm) until the 26th of August. The backyard will be open to the public from 1 to 6, Wednesday through Sunday.

Location: 85 Carlaw Ave. Toronto

For more information call 416 654 3232

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