Plans for new downloadable paper puppets on my Etsy shop

Recently, I’ve been creating designs for a series of downloadable, articulated paper puppets for my Etsy shop Papercut Puppets. One of these designs will end up in a magazine later in Summer 2019 (more on that later).

The one featured here is called Hermione, who has a very rare genetic condition called hypertrichosis which causes excessive hair growth in portions of the body. It was sometimes referred to as the “werewolf syndrome”. Hermione celebrates her hairiness by decorating her thick tresses and beard with lovely satin ribbons.

The assembled Hermione paper puppet.

I think my next design will be a doll with a parasitic twin. It’s a nice change to not have a big major studio project that takes years to complete (although I’ll be back to that in the future). What type of paper puppets would you like to see? Leave me your suggestions in the comments.

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