Happy Hallowe’en from Lady Lazarus!


Myself dressed as “Death the Bride”. Halloween 2013.

My Hallowe’en costume this year is channelling the melancholic romanticism of a tragic, Edgar Allan Poe heroine*. On October 31st, I shall fall into a despair that leads to madness, succumbing to a death-like trance. This will prompt my bereaved loved ones to prematurely bury me in the family crypt. Afterwards, my restless ghost shall arise for revenge, and chocolate.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

*my costume is also channelling the morbid romanticism of the Pre-Raphaelite painter Thomas Cooper Gotch — a morbidity best captured by his 1895 painting entitled (as you may have guessed)  Death the Bride.

"Death the Bride" by Thomas Cooper Gotch. 1895. Oil on canvas

“Death the Bride” by Thomas Cooper Gotch. 1895. Oil on canvas

2 thoughts on “Happy Hallowe’en from Lady Lazarus!

  1. My 1st book of poetry had a kind of goth cover that I did called “Loose Ends” in 1992. All of my 1980s were shrouded in my steel-toed boots and black dyed army surplus. As I was getting my art degree at SAIC. Slam-dancing most nights at the Exit Lounge or the Lucky Number/950 Club.

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